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Re: [tlug] (no subject)

On 04/04/07, Tribble Phillip J SrA 374 LRS/LGRTT < > wrote:
Good Morning,

Does anyone know how to upgrade from Debian Etch (Testing) to Debian
Etch (Stable) when it comes out? Is it a simple process of changing the
apt sources from testing to stable ?

Well it can be, but it can also go horribly wrong.  The way I was told to do it, back when it was my 1st time, was to to change the version name in the sources and to apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.  Sometimes this will work, other times dist-upgrade will eat your system for breakfast. This is the reason Ubuntu has developed update-manager for their version upgrades. However I suspect that update-manager is ubuntu specific and debian users must use dist-upgrade.

In conclusion, yes it can be as simple as changing the sources and doing a dist-upgrade, but be careful. For example, when I  upgrade using dist-upgrade, I start with a fully up-to-date system, then do dist-upgrade at least twice to make sure it hasn't forgotten to do anything, then I do a plain apt-get upgrade just to make sure nothing is left. Once that is done I check to make sure everything needed for booting is installed before rebooting and then check everything is running smoothly.


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