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Re: Re: [Lingo] 経由地

On 10/21/07, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
> Jim Breen writes:
>  > Yes, but if it's an airport it does imply a stop; otherwise it's
>  > rather meaningless.
> BTW, a nonstop transit of an airport is not meaningless if you're a
> pilot; airports make excellent landmarks.  (Although the tower crew is
> likely to spew nastygrams at you if you try it with O'Hare.)

The place where you wait for your next flight to arrive while not
being allowed out beyond Immigration is called "transit lounge" in
most airports.  Although, there is some longer period of time in which
you wilt that makes the whole process a "layover."  I am not sure if
it involves a blanket and pillow, but it might.

I have seen a number of English references to "transiting at ..." or
"making a layover at ..." depending on whichever was appropriate by
the length of the wait.  The Japanese copied the terms but, IIRC, use
the same kanji for both.


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