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Re: [Lingo] Correct particle to use

On 20/06/07, David J Iannucci <> wrote:

I'd be curious to know whether this acceptability extends even to older

As would I. Goddamn it, I feel like whipping up a survey and asking a few of my co-workers to hand it out to their parents. That can't be healthy... ;)

It seems entirely plausible that this could be just another
aspect of the possible change affecting syntactic treatment of patients

Quite possibly.

V-potentials (to use your notation)

Pretty sweet notation, right? :)

It is meant to be the mathematical subscript notation, as used heavily
in physics equations, e.g.

Nothing personal to your wife, of course, but I wouldn't bother with
stuff she learned in school. I have acquired a kind of knee-jerk
skepticism about the things many 日本人 linguists say about their
own language.

I share your skepticism, but luckily my wife's degree is from The Ohio State University:

One of the main professors is American, and the other two are Japanese
but have all of their  degrees from US universities.

So hopefully she's gotten less of the 日本人[論] stuff.

I'm not an anti-Chomskyan by any means, but I'm not a card-carrier

I worship Chompsky as a god, but that is because of the extreme usefullness of his stuff to artificial languages. :)

I'm far more interested in your wife's native-speaking intuitions, all
the more valuable since she's a trained linguist :-)

Hmm... I'm afraid her native-speaking intuitions only give us insight into the Slavic family of langauges--specifically Bulgarian. ;)

Absolutes'll get you into trouble :-)  How about a case like one
in which you might say この本を読めるよ as a way of pointing out
that you're capable of reading Japanese, rather than that you're capable
of reading a particular book?

Nah, in that case I would say 「日本語が読める」. Of course, I am not a native speaker, so it really doesn't matter. ;)

> So I'll continue to consider を a grammatical error in this case,
> because that allows me to sleep at night. ;)

No doubt you're in the good company of thousands of 国語 teachers

国語 teachers are my heros. For example, I *love* this kind of thing:


PS: ***DISCLAIMER*** I work for Amazon and thus want you to buy our books! ;)
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