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Re: [Lingo] Correct particle to use

> Hm.  It may be my environment, but I really don't feel that 日本人論纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 艱揭
\xBE 蜴涬諷\xE4 犛緕 鞳關跂 癇\xE5 阮纈犛繻辣\xE4 磔 竢芬蜚蝟\xE5 粡齠闔瘤竇 蜴糒竇\xE4 磔
\xBE 纔竇齠蝟繻\xF9 竅抅闌蜒 硼鴪阯蜴\xE7 胙闕 阨揭蜆絎

\xC9 燾\xF3 粤跚矼鱇扖踟 癘濶粡鈑 抅\xE5 扖鴉 日本人論纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 矼竅椵\xE5 \xC9 聽繻 蜚
鱚聽鴦 捃 \xE1
胙蜴艱 繻纃緕\xF4 抅癆 蜩 鈿\xF4 鈬竇齠癇蛹\xF9 鱚頏纉緕懲拄洹\xAE  \xC9 蜴扖鈔繖
日本人ism to be the similar but more benign sort of attitude
you're likely
to find in the typical, mostly open-minded おばさん :-)

> It is the very cognitive dissonance created by the ambiguity and context-
> dependence of the native language that creates both the need for and
> receptivity to extensive borrowing from other languages, since almost
> by definition those borrowings will be well-defined and restricted to
> specific context.

Hmmm, I'm not sure this argument would stand up on purely linguistic
grounds :-) In principle it would be easier for the J to alleviate the
ambiguity and context-dependence problem by evolving their language in
that direction using their own linguistic resources. Esp. so, I think,
because there's nothing inherent in the language which makes it
*inevitably* ambiguous (admittedly certain features are a hindrance,
primarily the lack of anything that could properly be called pronouns).

I've met J who can and mostly do speak their language in a perfectly
straightforward and unambiguous way, and I've met others who habitually
indulge themselves in the opposite direction to the point where even my
(native-speaking) wife - herself definitely on the more-ambiguous end of
the spectrum - is left with her head spinning.  Then I say to her "now
you know how it feels" :-)

No, I'll stand by at least this much of my argument: the Japanese borrow
extensively because it is in their nature (national personality, if you
will) to adopt anything they feel is useful, regardless of its origin.
They are then left to deal with the social/psychological consequences.

> Another way to put it, is that 日本人論纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 黼纃\xF3 捃 瘰鞳癇 迴齡 鱚痲蛹\xF9 犛緕
\xBE \xE1 頏蝟蛹繚\xE5 黶釿拄闔繖 磔 揥痲蜚蜿釶\xEC 椵瘍\xE5 蜩 棱粤\xF2 抅鱚癆 蜴 抅\xE5
\xBE 跚艾\xF4 閹 竢逅癇蜩闔 捃 肬鱚蜃\xEE 頏痺拄竇鶤

弟逾\xF4 肬跛阯\xAE  祷瘢韭綽


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