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Re: [Lingo] Correct particle to use

David J Iannucci writes:

 > Proud, yes, but my personal feeling is that a lot of the 日本人ism
 > that you see, whether it's cultural, linguistic, or whatever, comes
 > mostly out of a need to put some brakes on their natural tendency
 > to soak up everything from outside.

Hm.  It may be my environment, but I really don't feel that 日本人論纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 
艱揭 蜴涬諷\xE4 犛緕 鞳關跂 癇\xE5 阮纈犛繻辣\xE4 磔 竢芬蜚蝟\xE5 粡齠闔瘤竇
蜴糒竇\xE4 磔 纔竇齠蝟繻\xF9 竅抅闌蜒 硼鴪阯蜴\xE7 胙闕 阨揭蜆絎  部 蜩 抅\xE5
洹鴒 竢芬蜚蝟\xE5 粡齠闔瘤竇 竰縺扖\xE4 磔 抅\xE5 瘢砠苺蜚\xF9 瘤\xE4 竢銓纔庾
粤鞳鈔緕竇 閹 抅\xE5 釶拄洹 赱鈑栱艱 抅癆 竰縺扖\xF3 硼抅 抅\xE5 鈬繖 肬\xF2 瘤\xE4
鱚竇頸蝟蜚\xF9 捃 纔扖銖蝟\xE5 硼鴪阯蜴\xE7 胙闕 阡蒹\xF2 赱鈑栱艱鵺 皷釿\xE5 瘡迴齡
磔 粤肅鉗拄闔 抅闢\xE5 硼鴪阯蜴苴 犾跛 矼 牖跛℡繙蜴繖 瘤\xE4 鱚齡鱸笏繖 捃
齔繝蜀蜒 竢銓纔廊

綜阡蒹\xF2 燾\xF9 捃 頤\xF4 蜚\xAC 蜩 抅癆 日本人論纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 黼纃\xF3 捃 瘰鞳癇 迴齡 鱚痲蛹\xF9
犛緕 \xE1 頏蝟蛹繚\xE5 黶釿拄闔繖 磔 揥痲蜚蜿釶\xEC 椵瘍\xE5 蜩 棱粤\xF2 抅鱚癆 蜴
抅\xE5 跚艾\xF4 閹 竢逅癇蜩闔 捃 肬鱚蜃\xEE 頏痺拄竇鶤

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