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[Lingo] Re: [tlug] Correct particle to use

[Redirected to Lingo]

On 15/06/07, David J Iannucci <> wrote:

> Well, we have mentioned that in this thread, but that may have
> occurred on Lingo (you know, where this thread actually *belongs*). ;)

I'm on lingo now.  Should further follow-ups be directed there, or have
we reached a state of 仕方ない :-)

Further replies should be directed to Lingo, yes. I removed the TLUG cross-post and CC'd in Steve. This is BCC'd to TLUG; a trick that only the Listmaster can use. :)

This will mean that TLUGgers will see this message, but if they want
to read the rest of the thread, they should subscribe to Lingo.
Further replies-to-all will not go to TLUG, as the BCC is invisible to

> That is an interesting theory. Why would English (for example) have
> this influence, specifically?

Any time languages come into contact, they can affect each other, and
cause change.

Sure. I meant, "Why would English have *this* influence?" i.e. why the を化 (sorry) of が?

Now, some speech groups are highly protective of their languages, and
reject all outside influence, including loanwords.  But we know this is
not true of the Japanese :-)

This is a little odd, given how proud the Japanese are of their languages.

And by "some speech groups", you mean the French; admit it! ;)

Damn you Godwin!


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