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Re: [Lingo] Re: [tlug] Correct particle to use

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 12:28:46 +0900, "Josh Glover" <>

> This is a little odd, given how proud the Japanese are of their
> languages.
> And by "some speech groups", you mean the French; admit it! ;)
> Damn you Godwin!

LOL :)

This said, for a nation that's so protective of its language, there's a
huge amount of illiteracy. I don't think I've seen verbs conjugated
correctly - even the right tense used - since I was at school. If you
go to a French language mailing list, newsgroup (yes, some of them in
this 'Net-retarded country {thanks to France Telecom still trying to
shove its minitel down people's throats well into the late '90s} have
figured out USENET) or web forum, you'll see excruciating language
abuse. When I was in school in France all those mumble mumble years
ago, I was about the only one who could spell correctly.

Typically, they'll misuse homophonic words even though they sometimes
have radically different grammatical functions:

ce / se (demonstrative pronoun / reflexive pronoun)
c'est / s'est (demonstrative indicative / reflexive auxiliary)
aller / allez / allais / allé (incorrect tense)
est / et (verb / conjunction)
son / sont (possessive pronoun / verb)

They also fail almost systematically to decline past participles

Then there are the words imported from other languages (mostly English,
to the despair of the "Académie Française"):

le fast-food
le football
le jogging
le parking
le cutter
l'e-mail / le mail
le scanner (often misused in medecine to mean a scan rather than the
equipment used to do it)

G. Stewart -

A computer without Windows is like a chocolate cake without mustard

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