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RE: [Lingo] Re: [tlug] Correct particle to use

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> Behalf Of Josh Glover
> Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 4:09 PM
> To: Natural language discussion
> Cc: Stephen J. Turnbull
> Subject: Re: [Lingo] Re: [tlug] Correct particle to use
> On 15/06/07, Mattia Dongili <> wrote:
> > On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 12:28:46PM +0900, Josh Glover wrote:
> >
> > > Further replies-to-all will not go to TLUG, as the BCC is 
> invisible 
> > > to you.
> >
> > lol, I guess the list adds a Reply-To itself when delivering :)
> NOOOO!!!! ;)
> > > >Now, some speech groups are highly protective of their 
> languages, 
> > > >and reject all outside influence, including loanwords.  
> But we know 
> > > >this is not true of the Japanese :-)
> > >
> > > This is a little odd, given how proud the Japanese are of their 
> > > languages.
> >
> > Now, this is just a newbie point of view, but it doesn't look the 
> > Japanese are all that protective.
> No, I quite agree. The Japanese *love* loan words. I had just 
> never thought about that fact in seeming opposition to their 
> level of pride in the Japanese language as being unique. If 
> you don't believe me, try this experiment: suggest to a 
> Japanese friend of yours (preferably one over 40) that their 
> language and Korean are very similar grammatically, and see 
> if you still get invited over for tea. ;)
> But I guess I feel this way about English; I am extremely 
> proud of it as a language (cf. Sharespeare, Milton, 
> Stephenson, et al.), but I
> *welcome* loan words as adding richness. What I hate is 
> "perversions" of the "rules" of "grammar" (i.e. thumbing your 
> nose at prescription).
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Josh

As much as I love the English language (It's a wonderful language, been
speaking it for almost 30 years myself), I must say that it is a
thoroughly bastardized tongue.

English English no longer exists, and even when it did, it was a
bastardized conglomeration of languages made up of bits and pieces of
any language that would get a foreign girl's attention.  Had a lot of
French, German, Latin, Norwegian languages, and whatever else was spoken
in the day.

British English, the language that is spoken in that region now, is
still just as bastardized, with a few rules thrown in to make it look
nice.  It is changed just enough that the languages that spawned it no
longer wish to lay any claim, even if they once did.  Did I mention that
it was a bastard tongue?

As for American and Australian English...  Bother are wonderful
languages.  Australian English sounds nice, and American English is my
native tongue.  However, that does not change their parentage.  :P


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