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[Lingo] Indiana Jones

I hope this isn't too far off topic.  I'm trying to get a
copy of the Indiana Jones Complete Movie Collection dubbed
in Japanese with English and Japanese subtitles.  I found it
online at but so far haven't found it anywhere
else.  It's an older film and they only had it in the
dealer's section, and the dealers who sell through Amazon
aren't allowed to ship outside of Japan.  I even contacted
one directly with my broken Japanese and he confirmed this.

So -- does anyone know of a source for this that will ship
to the US?

I don't know how effective it really is, but a bunch of us
get together once a month to watch films like this --
English films we all know well but in Japanese.  It seems to
help and in any case, it's a good excuse for a get-together.
 We just finished the 4'th Harry Potter.  I picked that up
over a Christmas/New Years visit to Japan.

Steve S.

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