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Re: [Lingo] inTransitive

On 15/06/07, Josh Glover <> wrote:
On 15/06/07, Jim Breen <> wrote:

> One of my must-dos is have cross-refs between all the pairs of
> transitive/intrans. verbs. Sadly Rikaichan uses the simple old EDICT
> version which doesn't carry crossrefs. I've suggested they upgrade, inclluding
> using the names file as well (Rikaichan tends to fall apart with names) but
> there's been no response.

I actually ported Rikaichan to Thunderbird, so maybe I can send the
author a patch for the dictionary upgrade as well.

A big improvement would be to use the "glossdic" file from WWWJDIC (daily update available via rsync). It combines EDICT, ENAMDICT and a heap of glossaries, plus a lot of "specials" which attempt to resolve alternative reading versions. It has about 830k entries.

Jim Breen
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Clayton School of Information Technology,
Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia

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