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Re: [Lingo] inTransitive

On 12/06/07, Birkir A. Barkarson <> wrote:
I have been meaning to pick up a book on this but does anyone know of a good
way/pattern to identify transitive and intransitive verbs?

Use cases:

I have a transitive verb, can I guess the intransitive form or having an
intransitive verb can I guess the transitive form.

I have a verb, can I tell if it's
or intransitive?
Is context necessary for this, or can I do with out it?

Currently I find I have some difficulty with this, and often wonder if there is
some way other than rote memorization to handle this.  What strategies, if any,
do you employ?

I don't think there is a deterministic way of telling which is which, although they are in families and it is possible sometimes to guess the other one correctly.

A few years back I combined a few sources to make a big table of
transitive/intransitive verb pairs. A cleaned up version is in Ben
Bullock's FAQ. See:

Jim Breen
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Clayton School of Information Technology,
Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia

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