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Re: [Lingo] inTransitive

On 13/06/07, Birkir A. Barkarson <> wrote:
This might be interesting,we could have a function that takes a verb, find the
stem and tries to return the transitive/intransitive verb.

That would probably have to be done using a lookup table.

Since we have so much spare time we should also plug this into common tools like
Rikaichan.  One of the problem I have with tools like that is that the answer
comes to easy and I find I rarely remember the words I need to look up. Getting
further information like transitive/intransitive versions, and while we are at
it, opposites and related words might be just the thing to strengthen those
memory pathways ;)

One of my must-dos is have cross-refs between all the pairs of transitive/intrans. verbs. Sadly Rikaichan uses the simple old EDICT version which doesn't carry crossrefs. I've suggested they upgrade, inclluding using the names file as well (Rikaichan tends to fall apart with names) but there's been no response.


-- Jim Breen Honorary Senior Research Fellow Clayton School of Information Technology, Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia

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