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Re: [Lingo] Correct particle to use

On 18/06/07, David J Iannucci <> wrote:

> Sure. I meant, "Why would English have *this* influence?" i.e. why the
> を化 (sorry) of が?

Well, simply because in English, patients (thematic role) are always
objects (syntactic category), regardless of what form the verb comes in.

Thanks for this. I'll have to discuss it with my wife over coffee and see if that induces some neurons to fire. At the moment, your explanation sounds feasible, but I don't trust my brain to evaluate things at the ungodly hour (08:00). ;)

> If you don't believe me, try this experiment: suggest to a Japanese
> friend of yours (preferably one over 40) that their language and
> Korean are very similar grammatically, and see if you still get
> invited over for tea. ;)

Funny, most of my experience has been that they are happy to recognize
the similarities... almost as though they're glad not to be completely
"isolated" from the human race :-)

You must have more open-minded friends than I do. ;)

Seriously, the few times I have brought this up around older Japanese
people, their reaction was at best slightly uncomfortable. YMMV, of


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