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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

lain. writes:

 > It depends on what it is.
 > If you're using software that's decades old, but doesn't make any
 > network connectivity at all, then you should be fine.

I think Canna can be configured as a network server but the library I
use defaults to either a pipe or unix domain sockets.

 > But if you're using something that does, then you better look for
 > alternatives.

I don't see why, necessarily.  Sure, I don't think I'd put NCSA httpd
on the Internet these days.  And I doubt I'd want to put a service
whch accesses shared resources on the net that way.  But much older
software such as input methods that you might want to put on the
network as SaaS are process-per-user single-purpose stuff.  I'd be
plenty comfortable configuring cannaserver as an sshd subsystem, for

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