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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On 2023年09月09日 20:09, the silly Stephen J. Turnbull claimed to have said:
> I don't see why, necessarily.  Sure, I don't think I'd put NCSA httpd
> on the Internet these days.  And I doubt I'd want to put a service
> whch accesses shared resources on the net that way.  But much older
> software such as input methods that you might want to put on the
> network as SaaS are process-per-user single-purpose stuff.  I'd be
> plenty comfortable configuring cannaserver as an sshd subsystem, for
> example.

Ultimately, anything with internet access can be exploited by a bad
actor remotely, and most likely even will.
If you really have to use something like that, you might perhaps
mitigate volunerabilities to some extend by network sniffing the program
to check on which IP addresses it's listening to, and then block them.

Also, SaaS is a scam to make you pay for software you don't own, you
don't have control over, and can be taken away from you at any random


Did you know that?
90% of all emails sent on a daily basis are being sent in plain text, and it's super easy to intercept emails as they flow over the internet?
Never send passwords, tokens, personal information, or other volunerable information without proper PGP encryption!

If you're writing your emails unencrypted, please consider sending PGP encrypted emails for security reasons.
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Every good email client is able to send encrypted emails.
If yours can't, then you should consider switching to a secure email client, because yours just sucks.

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