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Re: [tlug] Why Wayland?

I am not sure about the actual benefits other than what I read - it is simpler, more direct, better performance, better security, etc, all of which are claims I have not been able to measure first hand.

One practical benefit has been that fonts on VSCode get crispier when I enabled wayland support for VSCode 😄  But then again my system was probably running vscode in some kind of compatibility mode until then to begin with so maybe not a fair comparison 😅

> On Sep 9, 2023, at 20:34, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
> Yasuaki Kudo writes:
>> What is even more, X11 doesn't work properly for my AMD graphics
>> card (I am sure one can find the correct configuration but I never
>> bothered ?)
> I wonder why ...
>> (I like the fact AMD works right out of the box with proprietary
>> firmware and driver bundled with Linux kernel
> Ah, *that*! ;-)  (BTW, I think rms -- not to forget lots of other
> GNUbies -- is still burned about that exception.)
> But misconfiguration can happen to any software, especially with
> proprietary products that only work well with the vendor's drivers.
> My question was technically what does Wayland do better than X11?

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