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Re: [tlug] Why Wayland?

My question was technically what does Wayland do better than X11?

Quick google, and the consensus seems to be:
* Multiple monitors (can have different resolutions and refresh rates, and G-Sync/V-Sync can work)
  * HDR support
* Vague stuff (security, better compositor, saner configuration - you don't break your display trying to configure your mouse and vice versa).

A lot of people mentioned it fixes screen-tearing, but wasn't clear to me if that was part of multiple monitors issue, or if screen-tearing happens on single-monitor X setups too.


P.S. I use whatever Ubuntu/Mint are using, of course. I just realised when I plug my external monitor, screen refresh drops from 144Hz to 60Hz on the notebook screen. So I must be using X ;-)

I knew that already of course, because the HDR support on my other external monitor turned out to be pointless in Linux.

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