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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On 2023年09月08日 19:48, the silly David J Iannucci claimed to have said:
> But now I feel the need to do my own local input again. All I'm looking
> for here is your thoughts on what are the best FOSS software components
> for J input in 2023... including in that judgement the degree to which
> they are continuing to be developed, if you think that's relevant.
> I think I can handle the installation on my Gentoo box, so no need to
> comment on that unless you think there's something tricky involved that
> I'd have trouble figuring out on my own, along with googling.
> Fcitx, ibus, or scim? Anthy or ?, etc etc....?

In my experience, which one works depends on the distro/OS you're using.
I'm using Fcitx5 + Mozc on Artix Linux, because it just works.

But on Crux, Mozc is uncompilable due to so many moving parts that are
just missing, and recently a Japanese ports maintainer has added Fcitx5
and Anthy to their ports collection, so I installed that, and it works.

On OpenBSD, neither Mozc nor Fcitx5 work, so I'm using UIM + Anthy on
that one.
And it's annoying, because UIM treats the IME window as a separate
window, and since I'm using a tiling window manager, I have no idea what
I'm typing until I press enter.

On another note, to input Japanese, you'll need to use Xorg, because
I've never had any success getting IME to work on Wayland, and Wayland
has been pretty much alpha quality software for 16 years anyway, but
hard to say that to the true Wayland believers, because they will
absolutely cancel me over that.


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