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[tlug] Input methods - again!

Haha.... how many times has this sort of thing come up and been rehashed
over the decades? :=)

It has been many years since I've had a Japanese input method installed
on my machine. Because I'm never writing very much J text at one time,
I've just been using the converter in Google Translate(情ないなぁ)

But now I feel the need to do my own local input again. All I'm looking
for here is your thoughts on what are the best FOSS software components
for J input in 2023... including in that judgement the degree to which
they are continuing to be developed, if you think that's relevant.
I think I can handle the installation on my Gentoo box, so no need to
comment on that unless you think there's something tricky involved that
I'd have trouble figuring out on my own, along with googling.

Fcitx, ibus, or scim? Anthy or ?, etc etc....?


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