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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On 2023年09月09日 15:27, the silly Stephen J. Turnbull claimed to have said:
> Are those even still being developed?  I was looking into modernizing
> XEmacs's Japanese input a while back, and I seem to recall UIM is only
> being sporadically developed and Anthy is basically abandonware.  Ran
> out of time to follow up though.

Yes, UIM is dead.
But at least it works on OpenBSD.

> Not going to say don't use old software.  I'd be happy to stick with
> Canna myself, which has surely been abandonware for 15 years, but it's
> completely bitrotted in MacPorts and Homebrew doesn't provide a
> recipe.

It depends on what it is.
If you're using software that's decades old, but doesn't make any
network connectivity at all, then you should be fine.
But if you're using something that does, then you better look for


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