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Re: [tlug] Why Wayland?

On 2023年09月09日 16:07, the silly Yasuaki Kudo claimed to have said:
> I can definitively say Japanese input does work fine with Wayland.   I has worked for me with both Guix and Ubuntu.
> What is even more, X11 doesn't work properly for my AMD graphics card (I am sure one can find the correct configuration but I never bothered 😅)
> On both freshly installed Guix and Ubuntu systems, whenever I tried X11 the white background became yellowish.
> (Other than the obvious lack of Nvdia's Cuda chips... I like the fact AMD works right out of the box with proprietary firmware and driver bundled with Linux kernel, unlike Nvidia)

I'm using an AMD Radeon card, no problems on Xorg at all.
Works fine on both Artix Linux and OpenBSD, on Crux it depends on what
flags you've enabled upon compiling the Linux Kernel, because you'll
need to do this by yourself on Crux.
No idea about Nvidia, but just like Linus Torvalds very professionally


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