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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On 2023年09月09日 13:57, the silly Yasuaki Kudo claimed to have said:
> The default IME for Japanese is Mozc for ubuntu 23.

That's the engine, but I meant more like fcitx, uim, scim, and so on.

> As for my choice of Ubuntu, yes I also once gave up anything like Debian-based and switched to NixOS and then Guix.

No experience with either of these 2, but I know that NixOS is an
immutable distro, so operations are very different from a freedom
respecting Linux distro.
As for Guix, that one uses a Linux-libre kernel, which will only work
properly on hardware with all 100% free hardware components and
CPU, GPU, BIOS, just everything needs to be free, and this list is very

> * Ubuntu has become the Windows OS for computer programmers, surpassing even Windows itself😄. (Unless you are programming for Win or Mac specifically.  Even then, for my recent .NET project, I did half of the development on dot-net-standard-2.0, which works on Linux!)

Any Linux distro is orders of magnitute better for programming just
about anything.
Speaking of programming specifically for Windows, this guy did exactly
that on Linux:

> * Starting with VSCode, Ubuntu is the Microsoft's go to Linux distribution, so there are many officially supported packages and documents.

I'm more of a Vim user, VSCode always frustrates me, because it's just
so damn complex.

> * My personal data like email and passwords are all on the servers anyway so it is trivial to reinstall latest Ubuntu from clean slate periodically

Horrible security practise.

> * Because Ubuntu and Debian have so many users, it is trivial to get the right command lines for configuration using Chat GPT(ver4)

You can tell it for example "How do I make a sandwich on OpenBSD?", and
it'll tell you to do "doas pkg_add sandwich" instead of "sudo apt
install sandwich".
It won't literally tell you how to make a sandwich on a computer, just
an example.

> So it has been perplexing twists and turns but I settled with Ubuntu 😄

As I already said, if it works for you, then use that.


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