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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

When I go home I will definitely try the F7 key as suggested here!!

The default IME for Japanese is Mozc for ubuntu 23.

As for my choice of Ubuntu, yes I also once gave up anything like Debian-based and switched to NixOS and then Guix.

But after enough frustration with these, I came back to Ubuntu as something that just works😄

A few factors I can think of:

* Ubuntu has become the Windows OS for computer programmers, surpassing even Windows itself😄. (Unless you are programming for Win or Mac specifically.  Even then, for my recent .NET project, I did half of the development on dot-net-standard-2.0, which works on Linux!)

You are on your own if you use Win or Mac and something breaks...

Both of these have built-in Linux or Ubuntu emulators, (I am not exactly sure about Mac but my colleagues run Arm64 and Amd64 Linux on Docker) presumably so they will appeal to developers.

* Starting with VSCode, Ubuntu is the Microsoft's go to Linux distribution, so there are many officially supported packages and documents.

* My personal data like email and passwords are all on the servers anyway so it is trivial to reinstall latest Ubuntu from clean slate periodically

* Because Ubuntu and Debian have so many users, it is trivial to get the right command lines for configuration using Chat GPT(ver4)

So it has been perplexing twists and turns but I settled with Ubuntu 😄


> On Sep 9, 2023, at 13:21, wrote:
> On 2023-09-09 11:28, lain. wrote:
>> On another note, to input Japanese, you'll need to use Xorg, because
>> I've never had any success getting IME to work on Wayland, and Wayland
>> has been pretty much alpha quality software for 16 years anyway, but
>> hard to say that to the true Wayland believers, because they will
>> absolutely cancel me over that.
> Exactly this, over all aspects. If you go with stock Ubuntu, even with
> Wayland + XDG ways work well. If you install things yourself, nothing
> works, not only because of Wayland, but also all other sudden breaking
> behavior changes those are hard to trace and fix (xdg-desktop-portals
> and such).
> That said, I've recently managed to get my input methods barely working
> enough on Sway + mozc + fcitx, on Alpine Linux. Had to compile some
> myself, had to use mozc's fork of fcitx (which is thankfully somewhat
> maintained).
> Of course other stuff are still horribly broken, like being able to
> take screenshots, or ability to manage permissions for that, so we can
> say we're one step further than what we had in Xorg in terms of security.
> I will try fresh take on the whole desktop setup again soon though,
> some things could have been improved since last time I've tried.
> Furkan Mustafa

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