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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On Sat, 9 Sept 2023 at 10:11, lain. <> wrote:

No experience with either of these 2, but I know that NixOS is an
immutable distro, so operations are very different from a freedom
respecting Linux distro.

As a happy NixOS user, I'm curious what you meant by this. It's really not that different from any other Unix distro with a package manager; you just use different commands or keep your entire config in config files (I use Home Manager as well, so even my dotfiles are immutable and managed by a single set of Nix config files). In case anyone is curious what this looks like (since it might be hard to understand from my description), here it is:

The root of the repo is /etc/nixos, and configuration.nix is the entry point to the whole thing.

Basically, I don't feel my freedom being disrespected by NixOS at all. ;) Quite the contrary, I feel that it gives me freedom to upgrade stuff without worrying about bricking my system, since I can always roll back to the previous generation of my system (think of it as a git commit, but including everything in the system, kernel and bootloader config and all).


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