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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

I like Guix too😄 but I switched to Ubuntu - Guix solves some problems but creates or leaves many other problems unsolved!

* The absolutely zero-tolerance attitude towards proprietary software, even the discussion thereof, does not help those who are willing to exploit anything under the Sun including proprietary, like me😅

* Oh man, yes Guix packaging is nice but virtually every software application needs to be repackaged for GuixOS, which almost negates its benefits?😅

* There are proprietary applications that are derived from open source software, say Google Chrome and Visual Studio Code, and they will not be distributed as Guix packages😅  Even with non-guix and PantherX, they still don't function as flawlessly as the official deb or Ununtu pakckages...

I still think Guix will be excellent for certain special cases (like building a new application from the ground up to be distributed as guix package for all distributions ?) though 😄

> On Sep 9, 2023, at 18:46, wrote:
>> As for Guix, that one uses a Linux-libre kernel, which will only work
>> properly on hardware with all 100% free hardware components and firmware.
>> CPU, GPU, BIOS, just everything needs to be free, and this list is very
>> barebones.
> The nonguix channel fixes this for you. It packages up the vanilla kernel.
> Stays mostly in lockstep with linux-libre versions:
> In general the channel packages up non-libre software, but main GNU Guix
> project doesn't really advertise it for obvious reasons. It's well known
> and the main maintainers of Guix are major contributors to nonguix as well.
> FWIW, I've been successfully running GuixOS on non-libre systems for about four
> years now. Highly recommended. Granted, I also run the nix-daemon service to
> fill in some gaps in packages in the rare instances it's needed.

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