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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

On 2023年09月09日 11:01, the silly Christian Horn claimed to have said:
> "We should just have called it Xorg5 instead of Wayland, then
>  people would understand it's just the next version".

I disagreem Wayland is not the next version of Xorg, it's completely its
separate thing
Xorg is a display server that manages everything it needs to render,
whether it be a window manager, or GUI programs, or whatever.
Wayland on the other hand is a specification which each WM separately
needs to implement into their WM to function.
Think of it as comparing to an email server vs the SMTP protocol; the
one is a dedicated program, whereas the other is a certain set of rules
implemented into such program.

So with Wayland, the display server is cooked right into the window
manager, whereas with Xorg, the window manager and display server are 2
separate entities.


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