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Re: [tlug] Input methods - again!

Christian Horn writes:

 > I saw something along this recently:
 > "We should just have called it Xorg5 instead of Wayland, then
 >  people would understand it's just the next version".

That seems unlikely to get any takeup from people who actually work
with the practical aspects of display management and graphics output.
Wayland seems to be a completely different model of display management
from X11, partly driven by perverse innovation, partly by genuine
needs for the 21st century (such as multimonitor screens), and partly
by a burning and well-justified desire to reduce technical debt that
built up over more than 3 decades of X Protocol revisions and

 > The team behind Asahilinux, bringing Linux to Applesilicon,
 > decided to go full steam Wayland.

Yeah, I can say from personal experience that building X11 on Quartz
has not produced a fully satisfactory mindmeld.  I would not be at all
surprised to find that Wayland's more modern model is much happier to
coexist with and depend on MacOS display management.

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