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Re: [tlug] Tiny Linux distro for boot loader?

> As far as I can tell it looks like it's only possible to use iPXE boot from the primary interface or secondary NIC not the iLO NIC.

That is likely. Anything else would defeat the purpose of iLO as a separate isolated secure admin access point. (in fact, your whole premise seems to be trying to accomplish exactly that)

> I wonder if there is a way to manually pass the configuration with the
bootloader.  It looks like you can use the NoCloud Datasource to provide
user configuration using a filesystem so I could have the bootloader
setup a partition with the configuration on the actual hardware

Yes, this is the way it is intended to be used -- either serve the config from somewhere your machine can reach, or from some local storage. But for your purposes, it seems like a better idea to just set up an image with the correct settings in advance and just use that image directly as your "cdrom image hosted at a url" when you need it. If you can't access the bare metal to do this, you can just set it all up in a VM first. For convenience, I still use cloud images for this but as long as you install the correct drivers, any base image should work.

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