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Re: [tlug] Tiny Linux distro for boot loader?

On 24/1/21 5:10 pm, Chris Salisbury wrote:
> iLO will let you mount an image available over the control plane as a boot device on the server.

iPXE also does this, which is why I mentioned it. But either way, using cloud images with cloud-init was my suggestion for network setup of the boot image that you use. If you want something more barebones and don't want to spend effort with extra userspace software, you might try just setting the network up with `IP=` kernel arguments in your initramfs. I've only played with doing that in VMs, but I imagine that it would work more or less the same way on bare metal.

The setup I am working with has a separate 100mbit NIC connected to iLO on each server. The servers are all in the dmz and have their primary 1Gb NIC setup by dhcp from the gateway/load balancer. As far as I can tell it looks like its only possible to use iPXE boot from the primary interface or secondary NIC not the iLO NIC. I could have the iPXE handled by the gateway/load balancer but it would be nicer if I could have all the control/configuration handled over the iLO network.

My idea was to push a bootloader with required configuration over the iLO link and have that initialize the primary NIC to load the root filesystem and pass any information required to configure the machine. By doing this the control plane would be completely isolated from the dmz network. It would also allow you to configure a new server with only the iLO account and iLO MAC address. You would obviously have to open ports on the load balancer to make it accessible from the internet.

cloud-init looks like an interesting way to pass the configuration. I wonder if there is a way to manually pass the configuration with the bootloader. It looks like you can use the NoCloud Datasource to provide user configuration using a filesystem so I could have the bootloader setup a partition with the configuration on the actual hardware.


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