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Re: [tlug] Tiny Linux distro for boot loader?

On 23/1/21 7:45 pm, Chris Salisbury wrote:
I explored using MaaS [1] with iPXE a few months ago and it looks pretty cool. I ended up not using it because securing it over the internet looked like it was going to be too much effort for what I needed to get done at the time (which didn't actually include remote booting at all). But for setting up the network, using cloud images ([2],[3], etc.) with cloud-init [4] has been working quite well for me.

I took a look at MaaS and it looks interesting for automated provisioning in general but maybe not quite what I am looking for. It looks like they are using PXE/iPXE for deploying images. I have played around with iPXE before but run into problems with the limitations of the network card. iLO will let you mount an image available over the control plane as a boot device on the server. I figured if I could pre-boot a small Linux distro I could use all the power of that to load whatever I want over the data plane. The idea would be to have images that were ready to run so you would have an effect like running stopped ec2 images but on bare metal.


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