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Re: [tlug] FotoKilof gui for Imagemagick

Wrong Python version? There were changes in the unicode encode/decode mechanism between Python 2.x and Python 3.x. I've had that same error show up with scripts I've written at work and the culprit was the unicode differences. If the was written for a different version of Python than what you have installed, you could get this error. The easiest thing to try would be to install "the other version" (ie: 2.7 if you have 3.<something> or 3.6 if you have 2.<something>) and try using that to run the setup script. Mint might support being able to change the default Python version on a system-wide basis but I'm not sure how to do that on Mint (that's called "alternatives" on Debian in case you want to search for the same thing on Mint).

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 12:55 PM <> wrote:
I have used the command line for ImageMagick. It is workable, but ... I don’t use it often enough to remember all the subtleties of the commands and having to look everything up every time I try to use it is a real PITA. So along comes FotoKilof with the promise of a gui for Imagemagick and I jump on the bus.

Problem is, I can't get it to install.

Using Linux Mint 20, Gnome desktop. 
[1] I have verified that python3 comes up when I ask for version, and pip is active.
[2] ImageMagick is installed and usable from the command line. 
[3] I extracted the files for FotoKilof after downloading, then cd to the extracted folder.
[4] Tried “sudo python” and got the following message: File “”, line 9
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\xc5’ in file on line 9, but no encoding declared; see for details.

But, not being a computer geek, I have no idea what to try now. Is there some way that I need to "declare" encoding? Anyone else using FotoKilof?


Ralph Sumner

Joe Larabell (
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