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Re: [tlug] Tiny Linux distro for boot loader?

On 2021-01-24 15:22, Edward Middleton wrote:
if I could pre-boot a small Linux distro I could use all the
power of that to load whatever I want over the data plane.

Once you boot into linux, you can kexec into another kernel, etc.
But if you are okay with the time overhead of rebooting twice for
provisioning, booting anything would be possible. First stage would
be your minimal linux "bootloader", that downloads image, writes to
bootable storage, and reboots. Would that be close to your plan?

I think that with Alpine Linux, you might get some results. I have
managed to make a reproducable 13MB EFI/MBR bootable alpine iso for
my usage, which has custom init scripts, etc. (can share that)

I'm also working on provisioning VMs and baremetal devices, including
ARM devices, etc. I would like to hear/share/collaborate more on this

Furkan Mustafa

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