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[tlug] Use pyenv to have multiple versions of Python (was Re: FotoKilof gui for Imagemagick) writes:

 > > Wow. So is there a way I can change the default? 
 > Yes. Use pyenv.

I can't really recommend that approach for folks who are mostly using
distro packages.  A well-maintained distro should be using python2 and
python3 in shebangs, which takes care of this particular issue and 99%
of the rest.  Yes, occasionally you really do want multiple Python 3
minor versions, but that too is generally handled by well-maintained

Even for people who generally depend on their distros it may be a good
idea to protect their mission critical apps this way.  It's always
unpleasant when you have a work stoppage that allows you to have you
15 minutes of fame by reporting a rare bug in a corner case your
favorite software happens to exercise at init time....


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