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[tlug] Use pyenv to have multiple versions of Python

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 22:17:30 +0900, "Stephen J. Turnbull" <> wrote:

> I can't really recommend that approach for folks who are mostly using
> distro packages.  A well-maintained distro should be using python2 and
> python3 in shebangs, which takes care of this particular issue and 99%
> of the rest.  Yes, occasionally you really do want multiple Python 3
> minor versions, but that too is generally handled by well-maintained
> distros.

I think a key part of what you said is:

    ... for folks who are mostly using distro packages.  

For Python projects, I seldom rely on distro packages anymore for 
Python stuff.  The distro packages are often too old. It's common
for me to work on projects where exact versions of Python and
Python packages are specified and not available from the distro.
I use pyenv and pipenv and might use poetry.

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