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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

On 28/8/20 2:07 pm, Chris wrote:
On 28 Aug 2020, at 13:46, Edward Middleton wrote:

    They have had open borders for Japanese Citizens the entire time.


    Its disingenuous to suggest that not being able to disown your
    citizens somehow necessitates having open borders.

No, you're missing the point.

Japan can not close borders to returning Japanese citizens without violating international law ("international conventions to which it is a signatory", to be pedantic). It was proposed as an emergency measure but was immediately discarded for that reason. (No, I don't have a cite at hand).

You are missing the point, they could have limited international travel for Japanese citizens but they chose not to, presumably because it would have been unpopular.


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