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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Hi Matteo,

On 25/8/2020 6:08 pm, Matteo G wrote:
First thanks all for your replying. I really appreciate it.
I would like to say my university has collaboration programs with the University of Tokyo, I was thinking maybe I can ask my professor if he has contact with Tokyo University.

Before I get to the negative part of my reply :-), let me begin by saying that, in general, you should try everything. Of course, short of harassment in the form of asking every day if the collaborator has decided -- that's a no-no in almost every culture. But many things in life is due to skill and luck... And you don't know until you try.

Having said that... I think many people want to go to Japan for an internship but a better question is to turn it around and say why would they want an intern? A potential intern usually would answer by saying it's "free labour" for them...and that is furthest from the truth. If you're physically there, then they have to provide space for you and also vouch for you that you're a decent person and won't take their data / algorithms / etc. Whether or not you're there, someone will probably need to train / teach you and that will be someone's job. His/her time isn't free. (Spoken by someone who has had to do that... :-P )

But, back to my first point...give it a try. But I think it helps to keep my latter points in mind?

The situation is complicated also due to covid-19 cases now, I don't know how is the situation in Japan and what is their law about people incoming for internships programs inside Japan. But I guess it is not that easy especially nowadays. Anyway I will try to send emails to some companies there in Japan and ask them how the situation is for internships and how I can apply for it (if possible).

Again, it doesn't hurt to ask. But covid-19 might last until next week...(we can all hope)...but I've heard estimates of 1-2 years. Whatever it is, I do think you should also consider yourself. Being "stranded" overseas is not a good thing.

I was flipping through the on-line Japan Times recently and there was some editorial about how awful Japan is for not letting foreigners in. (I think the restriction is gradually being loosened?) But I think every country has (1) citizens / foreign residents stuck overseas unable to return and (2) studnets, tourists, etc. unable to leave. As I flip through news from various countries occasionally, I have this feeling news sources are copy-and-pasting from each other... :-)

Anyway, be glad you aren't stuck away from home. Exciting adventure, but you'll be draining your bank account very quickly... I'm somewhat thankful that all this happened a few weeks later than it did...a bit earlier and I would have been stuck overseas.

I have also another question, I have intention to start my thesis and the main topic is about the /*Race conditions vulnerabilities and how to exploit them in Linux systems*/, do you know if there are books that talk about this specific topic?

I don't know about the second half of your topic. But oddly enough, I was thinking of the first half just today. Well...concurrency to be precise. (Randomly, while day dreaming...)

I was fortunate enough to learn about that outside of OS. You will learn it in an OS course, but the OS courses I took had a lot of things like memory management, file systems, etc. It was quite packed... Anyway, I learned that topic via this:

There's a link to course materials at the bottom of that link. I haven't seen how they are, but maybe it's something to look at?

Good luck!


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