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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Matteo G <> wrote:
> First thanks all for your replying. I really appreciate it.
> I would like to say my university has collaboration programs with the
> University of Tokyo, I was thinking maybe I can ask my professor if he has
> contact with Tokyo University.
> The situation is complicated also due to covid-19 cases now, I don't know
> how is the situation in Japan and what is their law about people incoming
> for internships programs inside Japan. But I guess it is not that easy
> especially nowadays.
> Anyway I will try to send emails to some companies there in Japan and ask
> them how the situation is for internships and how I can apply for it (if
> possible).

Your best bet is to probably reach out through your school and their
connections with the University of Tokyo.

Unfortunately, Japan is currently completely locked down due to COVID-19.
Slowly the retrictions are being loosened, but there is no official timeline to
plan for when you will be able to enter.

The official source to check for this is the Ministry of Justice. Here is their
webpage detailing travel restrictions due to coronavirus:

> I have also another question, I have intention to start my thesis and the
> main topic is about the *Race conditions vulnerabilities and how to exploit
> them in Linux systems*, do you know if there are books that talk about this
> specific topic?
> I am already studying from my OS book university but don't know if it is
> enough, I would also like to study something more specific related to race
> conditions vulnerabilities. Do you know about any book / pdf / resource
> that can help me in this way?
> Thank you.

Have you checked out the documentation in the linux kernel source tree? The
Documentation folder contains a wealth of information, though admitedly lots of
it can be tough reading if you are a newbie. Check out
for links to the git repository.

For race conditions, in particular, you might try looking at the (infamously
challenging) Documentation/memory-barriers.txt. At the very least, it points
you to some other documentation and gives you specific words to use in further
searches. From my sparse reading, there are also lots of good examples in there
for different ways in which race conditions can arise.

That said, race conditions is a broad topic. They can happen in in any
asyncronous situation, the main culprits being memory and disk I/O. However,
with multi-cpu systems, there are subtler race conditions that can happen with
the caches as well. The latter problem is better know under the name "cache

Good luck!

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