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[tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Hi, my name is Matteo
First of all I apologize for texting here, I don't know if it is ok, if not, feel free to remove this email or just tell me where I can ask my question.
I am writing to you this email to exchange some information about our countries, in fact I am a student of Computer Science at University of Camerino - UNICAM (Italy) and going to graduate soon.
Here is my point: I would like to take an internship (as part of my graduation program) in a foreign country and I would really like to do it in Japan.
I was thinking that maybe you work in a company that is accepting people for internships. I would like to do obviously in the IT sector, as a software developer / engineer / programmer, anyway where coding is required.
I am pretty much skilled in C and Python especially (a little bit of Java too) and I'm learning _javascript_ and some frameworks like Node.js and React JS right now due to a full-stack development project required by one of the university exams.
I am really interested in the field of IT security, especially in O.S. security mechanisms and would like to continue my career in this way, hoping one day to work in an IT security company.
No need to say I am a Linux user from a lot of time and I use it everyday (since 2012).
Back to us, I'm just sending you this email to ask if you can help me to know how to apply for an internship in a IT company there in Japan.
Any help would be appreciated, hope to hear you soon, have a great day.
Best regards,

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