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[tlug] IRQ corruption?

David J Iannucci writes:

 > I've googled around but can't quite figure out how to fix this
 > ethernet adapter problem. My brain cells that hold very old,
 > obsolete information suggest that "my IRQs got screwed up". Is that
 > probably what it is? If so, how do I fix that?

Technically, it's not "corruption", it's a "conflict" (two devices
trying to claim the same IRQ).

Look on the card and the motherboard near the ethernet jack for dip
switches labelled "IRQ something", and flip one of them. :-)

Failing that, check in the BIOS config screens for IRQ settings.  Or
maybe do this first if opening the case again would be more annoying.

Failing that, install Linux and WINE, maybe?  Or just drink the wine!


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