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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

On 2020-08-25 19:34 +0800 (Tue), Raymond Wan wrote:

> A potential intern usually would answer by saying it's "free labour" for
> them...and that is furthest from the truth.

Would they? How horrible; I guess internship is misunderstood from both
sides. (Well, on they employer side they may understand what it's really
supposed to be about and still just be exploiting the interns anyway.)

You're certainly correct that interns generally cost money, and it's
cheaper to hire permanent "low-level" staff if you have stuff that needs to
be done that interns would be capable of doing.

On 2020-08-28 02:16 +0200 (Fri), Matteo G wrote:

> I'm looking for a career abroad in a new country and where the IT sector
> is not "underrated" as in Italy: a lot of really capable people, leaded
> by old-minded bosses that don't know anything about IT and Computer
> Science in general, and where meritocracy is just an illusion; there are
> exceptions of course, not all Italy is like this....

This describes most of the IT groups I've seen anywhere in the world.

I would not get your hopes up too high about getting into a group that
isn't like this. Even the companies you might think would not be like this
often are. Google, for example, turns out to be a code-monkey shop for the
vast majority of their developers. (Why do you think that to this day they
restrict their languages to Java, Python, and a couple of others? And why
do you think that they invented Go, which is truly a great language for the

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