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Re: [tlug] Calibre

On 2020-08-25 19:52 +0900 (Tue), Chris wrote:

> ...and there's a hell of a thread about Calibre's race conditions at
> (don't run Calibre on any system you care about)

That's going a bit overboard.

First, while the developer made several major mistakes when it comes to
dealing with suid programs and bug reports about them, the program in
question (which is not needed for core calibre functionality, it's just for
mounting removable storage devices) has been removed from Calibre, so the
right thing got done in the end.

Second, the package available on most modern Linux distributions (Debinan,
Fedora, etc.) had already removed that program and substituted their own
(much more secure) ways of dealing with removable storage.

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