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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet (and SD cards)

Kalin KOZHUHAROV writes:
> On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 8:14 PM, Darren Cook <> wrote:

>> Ah, that is why! When you have time (and hoping this is not too far
>> off-topic for TLUG), I'd love to hear pros/cons/how-tos of rooting a
>> Nexus 7.
> howto is relatively very simple:
>  get supersu package
>  boot into recovery (CWM/TWM), may be even the default recovery
>  push package via adb PC---USB_cable---->device (select the
> appropriate menu on the device first)
>  reboot
> Of course there are many hidden rocks, but I think you cannot brick
> your device easily.
> On the cons, ...

The biggest con is that you are essentially compromising Android's
security model. While you may know what you are doing with root,
the bunch apps coming from app stores can potentially get
unconstrained access to your device. While SuperSU and friends do
have a whitelist of allowed apps and confirmation dialog, these
things have been bypassed before, it will happen again.

If you absolutely need root for something, at least make sure
you relock your bootloader after installing SuperSU. Otherwise
anyone can boot a custom boot image and access your data. Also,
do not install custom recoveries permanently, because they
don't verify update package signatures and as a result anyone
can install anything given brief physical access to your device.
Encrypting the device doesn't really help with this because
the system partition remains unencrypted.

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