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[tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet

Hi All

Been using a smart phone for several years but thinking as my contract comes up soon I might return to old plain phone and use a tablet (probably with pocket wifi)

Anyone have experiences with the above style usage? I have only found one other person and they told me how the pocket wifi was quick.

   Why and I thinking of this:

1-phone gets slow after update (takes a while to get the call screen up and running) while the plain phone is always quick 2-tablet upgrade every 2 years, or so anyway and plain keitai I have had last for years, My last Keitai I passed on to my mother-in-law and it is still working great 3-phone battery life (with all the features running my smart phone gets a few hours when new but by 2 years later I am looking at a few hours at best) Keitai only I can get days out of a single charge, even after a few years of use. 4-When looking at smart phones for the upcoming round I was looking at the 5 inch screens... gee I already have a nexus 7 which just replaced my ASUS TF-101

Anyone have input as to why I might want to reconsider? The Sales rep was pushing smart phone as the only option but had not a single reason why... he seemed baffled that I would even ask.

Thank you

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