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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet

> Anyone have input as to why I might want to reconsider? The Sales rep
>  was pushing smart phone as the only option but had not a single
> reason why... he seemed baffled that I would even ask.

I think it depends on how and where you use smartphone functions.

Firstly, are you happy to carry two devices around? (Well, three if you
are planning on using the LTE router, rather than tethering.)

You can type one-handed on a phone (except maybe the newer 5" and 5.5"
smartphones) to send LINE messages on a crowded commuter train, but you
need two hands to type on your 7" tablet, which means elbowing fellow
commuters, which can lead to a lynching... so the wrong decision here
can be a matter of life and death.

And LINE while commuting is a strong reason to buy a smartphone for a
typical Japanese customer.

If not LINE then games, and again do you want to always be forced to use
two hands. (It isn't just on trains: you can use a smartphone discretely
under the table at boring meetings, or boring dates, but discreet tablet
usage is harder.)

On the other hand, if your main smartphone use is reading e-books, the
screen real-estate is so much nicer on a tablet.


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