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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 7:08 AM, David Blomberg <> wrote:
> Anyone have input as to why I might want to reconsider? The Sales rep
> was pushing smart phone as the only option but had not a single reason
> why... he seemed baffled that I would even ask.

I guess the sales rep just wants to sell you a new smartphone?  I
think most customers will follow everyone else like sheep and he is
just catering to the majority.  I've rarely seen a sales person (both
in and outside of Japan) who deviates from what they've been told and
actually change their suggestions based on what the customer is

I have a smartphone and a tablet (both Sony) and i hope my next phone
will be the older "clam shell" phones.  They're a bit harder to find
in Hong Kong (here) than Japan and they also have less services.  For
example, I don't think HK has something like Docomo's i-mode.

My reasons would be similar to what you've listed.  All too often I
reach the end of the day and the battery on my smartphone is drained
and I can't make a phone call, receive a phone call, or even look up
my address book for someone's phone number.  If I want to read a PDF
file or even a newspaper web site, seeing it full size on a tablet is
better than on a smartphone.  I keep clicking forward, back, etc. on
the web browser and maybe my fingers are fat...but I always end up
clicking the button next to it.  Don't let me get started on the
keyboard!  :-)

An app developer once told me that Android no longer allows apps to be
installed on the SD card.  You need to root your phone or do a trick
which I've done but it's tedious.  So all those apps add up and the
internal memory space on a smartphone is small compared to a tablet.
My only attraction to a smartphone is communication apps like LINE
(see other thread :-P), which must be linked to a phone number.

In Japan, is it possible to get an old style phone with unlimited
internet and then have the internet shared (tether?) with the tablet?
Maybe that might save getting a pocket WiFi.  I've had both my phone
and tablet for over 2 years each...refuse to change either until they
break and both seem to be working (except the smartphone battery).
Around mid-day, I have to dim my smartphone screen in order to get the
battery to last until the end of the day...  Other than that and my
fat fingers, things are fine...


PS:  There are hiking trails in HK and I have joked with friends that
you may be so busy looking at Google Maps and the GPS on your phone
that you drain the battery and can't call for help if you get lost...

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