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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet (and SD cards)

> The closest I came up with is a USB OTG->USB->64GB USB flash memory
> (or SD card reader), but I prefer not to have anything sticking out...

Didn't think that was allowed by Google.

> (iff I remember to bring the cable and reader). (mostly stock Android,
> rooted)

Ah, that is why! When you have time (and hoping this is not too far
off-topic for TLUG), I'd love to hear pros/cons/how-tos of rooting a
Nexus 7.

> On the other hand, my DoCoMo/Fujitsu smartphone has (physical) SD
> card, but to insert/change/remove it you need to remove the battery -

Yes, that is the downside. Just getting a phone/tablet that allows the
SD card feels like something I should be grateful; asking for it to be
easy to get to just feels greedy. ;-)


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
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