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Re: [tlug] VPS providers in Japan

Hello Mark,
As someone about to launch some EC2 instances in the Tokyo data centre,
I had similar questions to Nicolas, but was going to suggest you use the
answers in your marketing materials. I.e. your big advantage over
pay-as-you-go cloud is you are cheaper, so you could actually show the
equivalent EC2 costs for the same powered server. (Most people I know
who use ec2 are using it 24/7.)

You might also include some tutorials on how to set up a website on your
servers but have the images delivered by the Amazon CDN (hosted on S3).
Don't worry if you don't think Amazon CDN is best; the point is to give
people the feel they could transition from Amazon, or not be locked in.


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
My new book: Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE
Published by O'Reilly: (ask me for a discount code!)
Also on Amazon and at all good booksellers!

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