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[tlug] Moving VPS from one provider to another? (Was: VPS providers in Japan)

> I don't know what the technical feasibility of this looks like but it might
> be worthwhile providing a simple, standard option to stick backup images on
> S3 or some other third-party-run service whose account was held by the
> customer rather than by Ideally you'd have the ability to
> actually boot them up on EC2 etc and check that they're running properly.

Is this possible? I got told it was impossible when I asked about moving
an image from RackSpace to EC2 (or possibly from EC2 to RackSpace, I
forget which), and got the impression there was a technical reason more
than a business reason.

Even just moving an instance (*) from, say, EC2 Tokyo to EC2 Singapore,
has either only recently become possible, or is impossible. (I believe
when I needed to do it, I gave up and set up new servers.)


*: It may have been that a Linux instance could be moved, but not a
Windows instance? But I think it is also related to how exactly the same
distro is a different instance-ID in each EC2 region.

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