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Re: [tlug] VPS providers in Japan

On 20 August 2014 12:53, Nicolas Limare <> wrote:
> * How should the customers trust for the perennity of the
>   service and the safety of their data?

In other words, what's the SLA?

It's not just what's the SLA, it's also how can they be confident that the company will still be around to deliver what they promise in their SLA. This would be a particularly important issue if, for the sake of argument, it turned out that there were a lot of angry, litigious customers from a previous business venture run by a related company who might try to come after the company now running or its directors.

I don't know what the technical feasibility of this looks like but it might be worthwhile providing a simple, standard option to stick backup images on S3 or some other third-party-run service whose account was held by the customer rather than by Ideally you'd have the ability to actually boot them up on EC2 etc and check that they're running properly. (Obviously this would be a useful feature in a number of different ways, not just for the case where turns out not to last forever.)
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