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Re: [tlug] VPS providers in Japan


Mark Karpeles wrote:
> [...] work being much more busy than expected (especially in the
> last 3 years). Either way rather than talking about that [...]

I'll resist the enormous temptation to dive into troll mode, at least
for the moment... So, Tibanne may be recycling its infrastructure,
connectivity and staff into a new business. Why not?

> So after all those years we have setup our own space in a datacenter, with
> a fully redundant (Cisco based) network we believe our network is good
> enough to offer  dedicated servers/VPS service (container based only) with
> things I couldn't find in Japan at first

* How does that compare with Linode or Amazon AWS, for example, which
  both have datacenters in Tokyo?
* How should the customers trust for the perennity of the
  service and the safety of their data?

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